Versatile Delights for Every Occasion

From casual snacking to elegant gatherings, our versatile tamales are the perfect addition to any occasion. With a range of flavors and styles, there's a tamale for every moment.


Wholesome Goodness, Ready to Roll

Discover the perfect blend of nutrition and convenience with our wholesome tamales. Packed with flavor and nutrients


Tamales: The Ultimate Social Snack

Fuel laughter and camaraderie with our crowd-pleasing tamales. Whether it's a family gathering or a casual get-together, our tamales are the perfect conversation starter, sparking connections one bite at a time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do The Tamales Contain Lard?

Enjoy our delicious tamales guilt-free, knowing that they are free from lard and made with care to ensure the highest quality and flavor.

How Long Is Shipping?

Swift Delivery Guaranteed: Out-of-State Shipping in Just 3-4 Days

How do I place an order locally in Las Vegas for delivery or pickup?

Placing an order locally in Las Vegas for delivery or pickup is simple. Just give us a call at 725-207-2213, and our friendly team will assist you in placing your order. Whether you prefer delivery to your doorstep or convenient pickup, we're here to make the process easy for you.

Can you guys make custom tamales?

Yes, we can! Whether you have special requests, or unique flavor combinations in mind, we're here to bring your custom tamale creations to life. Simply give us a call at 725-207-2213, and our dedicated team will work with you to fulfill your custom tamale order according to your preferences and specifications.